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Massage Flower of Life is a Family operated business. It is designed to promote Healthy Lifestyle by providing Holistic Therapies and SPA services. Our family members will assist You blossom as a Whole Being, offering a wide range of practices and treatments that are individually tailored for Your needs to maintain the Homeostasis, Your Natural Balance.

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 Esthetician/Skin-care Florida License

Alina Potiyevska is a highly professional esthetician, performing unique rejuvenation techniques, including myo-structural facial massage, lymphatic-drainage, deep cleansing, resurfacing, nourishment of the skin, and stress reduction. Apart from getting a standard education on esthetics, she accomplished facial massage courses in world-known Institute of Massage Technologies INMASTER, Spain, which provides eclectic approach based on the healing technics from around the world. She believes that true beauty glows from within, and applies her multilateral knowledge of psychology and healthy lifestyle in her services.



Licensed Massage Therapist MA#52529

     Pro-active and dynamic Massage Therapy professional with consistent record of self – improvement and education, assisting clientele in gaining all the benefits of holistic bodywork approach. Dmitriy is very proud to have completed his education in the very best school of Florida – Educating Hands. He has many years of hands-on practice in upscale SPA’s and medical offices in the USA, Europe and India. Dmitriy has started his massage career with his martial arts teacher in 2006. He attended and successfully completed two courses of the famous Institute of Massage Technologies, INMASTER (Spain). The original techniques of Myo-Structural and Anti-Cellulite Massage are well-known in upscale SPA’s around the World. Dmitriy had a wonderful chance of studying Ayurvedic massage in the heart of India’s Himalaya Mountains in Vashisht, where the yogic ayurvedic traditions are alive and well appreciated.


Esthetician/Skin-care Florida license

Lyudmila Potiyevska is a well-known master of beauty in South Florida. Her skin-care services has proven exceptional results for more than 12 years here in Aventura. Lyudmila has been mastering esthetician proficiency in upscale European salons for many years long before she moved to Florida. Luda is famous for her magical hands and soothing touch. A variety of skills, lots of practice, professional cosmetics and Golden patience make her service valuable and desirable.



Certified Yoga Teacher

Namaste. My first 20 years of this reincarnation was marked by intense search for spiritual connection . During those years I had many mystical and transformational experiences , but nothing could come close to what I discovered later in life – YOGA. Yoga is the science, the technique , the magic and the bliss that connects you to the Universal Soul aka God. And since then have been practicing Yoga, which is more than a decade now. In this life time and I am a dedicated, fearless and compassionate yoga teacher. I have completed my first teacher training with the real master of Vinyasa Krama – Ruslan Kleytman , who so patiently taught me all the beauty of teaching and sharing the sacred knowledge of Yoga. I am also a passionate Bhakti yogini. In my yoga class the primary focus is on developing of the inner awareness and on mastering the mind and not just the body. Through balancing body and mind one and can truly become “ well in one’s being “ and progress on the path to self – realization. Most of the time I teach a fluent Vinyasa style. It is a flow creates a moving mediation through seamlessly connected poses in the rhythmic fluid movements synchronized with the breath. This vinyasa style naturally enhances vitality , agility and grace in the body and mind. However, I always customize my yoga class for my yoga students. Yoga is a life time practice , and all of us are at different stages of this practice is at this moment of life. Peace and love to all. Anya





BodyTalk Access Trainer, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Instructor & Certified Anti-Gravity Yoga Instructor, Zumba Instructor and President of the Educating Hands Alumni Association

Maina is practicing and studying BodyTalk since March 2003, apprenticing closely with Advanced Senior BodyTalk Instructor & Acupuncture Physician, Dr. Janet Galipo in Miami Beach, Florida. She is a Registered Yoga Instructor since 2005 and a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist since 2007, where she is also the President of the Educating Hands Alumni Association. She integrates her life long passion for body movement, and extensive training of the human anatomy and spirituality, to cultivate awareness and enhance consciousness of the inter-connectedness of the body, mind and spirit. Maina has immersed herself in South Florida’s Yoga and Holistic community introducing and spreading BodyTalk consciousness. She has also taken Breakthrough I & II with Esther Veltheim, Mindscape with Kris Attard and has taken various trianings and studied with the creator and founder of the BodyTalk system, Dr. John Veltheim. Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Her private practice includes sessions of BodyTalk, Integrative Therapeutic BodyWork, Energy Medicine modalities and various styles & methods of Yoga and Meditation for many years throughout Miami, New York City, Rio de Janeiro, São Luís and Brasília. Maina assisted and supported Janet Galipo in the pioneering developments of bringing and spreading the BodyTalk system in Brazil since 2003. Maina Campos is also a BodyTalk Access Trainer and is teaching BodyTalk Access Program across Brazil and the USA and she open to receiving invitations abroad. Her primary focus as a BodyTalk Access Trainer is in bringing the BodyTalk Access Program, a system she believes contributes to sustainable health care solutions around the world into low-income and impoverished communities, favelas and centers where there is little access to health care. She is also an active Board member and Ambassador of Be Healthy, Inc. Non-Profit Organization. Maina was involved in overseeing developments and organizations of a few BodyTalk Outreach project through representing Janet Galipo’s BodyTalk non-profit Be Heathly, Inc. at Volunteer BodyTalk Projects connected through ABRACE at the Hospital da Criança de Brasília and Hospital Municipal Carmela Dutra in Rio de Janeiro. She currently resides and has a clinical practice in Miami Beach, Florida. Maina travels to Brazil often, mainly to Brasília and Rio de Janeiro. She continues evolving and co-creating within the international BodyTalk Matrix as a BodyTalk practitioner, Access Trainer and in promoting BodyTalk through social media marketing strategies. Maina Campos is proud to serve and grateful to be an IBA member and representative. Active Humanitarian ॐ



 Licensed Massage Therapist

# MA66130

It feels as if one way or another, my path has led me by the hand to Massage Therapy. When I was younger, often I would massage Mom’s feet to combat poor circulation attributed to Diabetes. She would smile and suggest that Massage be a career choice. Years later while perusing a Music Education major, a LMT friend hinted once more I expand my skills and pursue this healing Modality.
 Two years later, I feel grateful and honored to facilitate the Body’s Natural healing process. Massage Therapy as a Career is an immense blessing to myself and Loved Ones. It is my purpose and intention to continue growing and explore Massage, instilling technique and care to each and every session.
Modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Raindrop Technique, Hot Stone, Pre Natal,  Reiki